sick leave

What a week it's been! My little girl had to go in for an op on Monday and I've spent all days - and nights - since helping her get back on her feet. It has been exHAUSTing! But she's making progress - thankfully.

Did I find time to get into my shed? AS IF! I did, however, find some moments to search for inspiration and added some images to my Pinterest boards. Hopefully they will come in useful some time soon. Today I got my jewellery making tools out to make earrings with ceramic hearts I fired a while ago. They'll be off to Folksy before long.

And here are some tulips for my little girl from her sister in San Francisco. Quite like the jug they're in too - made it last summer ;)


taking shape

For my sins I spent half a day at Ikea this week searching - amongst others -  for shelves to kit out that little studio of mine. Came back with some (still feeling halfway human - phew). They are now making themselves useful. 

Threw - that's potter lingo for whacking a lump of clay on the wheel and shaping it into a pot whilst the wheel is whizzing round - a load of bowls which now have to dry out completely (hence the shelves) before going into the kiln. That takes AGES - there's too much moisture in the air.

Did I mention that I now live by the sea? I love really wild weather. Took this photo the other day when it was nice and windy. I know it's not funny when bad weather causes hardship. But I can't help finding high and gusty winds exciting. I also love the colours of sand and shingle beaches, the sea in all seasons and the endlessly changing colours of the sky. I'm dreaming of getting those shades onto my pots. Here are bowls and beakers with my latest glazes.

I think I'm making progress :-)) 


the potter returns

Hi folks and no, I did NOT drop off my perch. So why the deafening silence?

Well it's been quite a year. To add to all that life throws at us all, I sold my house in order to ... ehm ... downsize. Downsize??? All I did was pack countless boxes and moved half my life to Yorkshire and the other half to the Kent coast. I am the eternal optimist and didn't anticipate the time and above all energy it would take. But now it's done, I feel halfway human again.

It's been frustrating not being able to get covered in clay for so long but there was simply no point trying. I cannot throw when I'm worked up. Now that the stress is subsiding, I am at long last making pots again.

Thought I'd show you the cabin I've had put up which will be my studio for the foreseeable future.

It's still in quite a mess, so I will spare you other pictures for now ;)

Breaking the silence feels bizarre. But I'm back, overflowing with ideas and dead set to make up for lost time!


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