walking saints

Some folks are saints ... well maybe not quite but goodwill and compassion - thankfully - tend to surface in times of need.

Take a bunch of potters for instance. With the news full of the unspeakable suffering of the population caught up in war and atrocities in Syria, a simple idea sparked an initiative that raised thousands of pounds in a matter of days.

Horrified by what was happening in Aleppo, a potter by the name of Mark Griffith offered a pot for auction on the basis that the money raised should be donated to aid victims in Aleppo. Before Mark knew it, the Facebook Group Potters for Aleppo was formed. Its members grew to 2000+ in just a few days. Around 300 pieces were soon offered by other potters following suit, all proceeds going to charities named by the individual makers. Bidding was brisk during the time available, with many lovers of ceramics gaining new treasures. Donations are still coming in. By now the total sum has risen to well over £30000. 

May it do good.


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