spring is in the air

Well, not quite yet but I was struck by the green hue on the fields today. It certainly looked like spring. Didn't feel like it, mind you. So I made sure I didn't stick my head out of the car!

Safely returned from my 'hike' across the Continent. There wasn't any sign of the winter losing its grip. Spotted some wildlife from the house where I was staying. So I put the telephoto lens to good use.

The deer were about 200m away. At about half the distance was the hedge seen here in the foreground.
 I couldn't believe that the camera picked up all the water droplets at the end of all those twigs.


Hope he'll like them !

God do I hate packing! I should be at it right now because I'm off to Germany tomorrow for my dad's 93rd birthday. He lives in a home - which I'm quite cut up about - so I want to take him something to cheer him up especially for when he feels lonely.

So I've made him a plate for a sandwich, a bowl for fruit and a mug for a comforting tea - with two reserves for when visitors call.

As the colour-scheme (what colour scheme!) in the home is blandblandbland, I've used strong colours that will hopefully appeal to his manly taste. Fingers crossed he'll like them!

Better get on with the dreaded p......


why the silence?

Oh, I do feel bad, guys, for my prolonged silence! Not that I didn't think of you, my blog and the need to feed it like a hungry beast.

So why the silence?
Weeellll ... firstly there was a lovely Christmas with my family and kids, it stretched out because they stayed well into January. Then there was a little rest period to recover from all that exertion. After that I knuckled down to build my new website. After toiling with iWeb, followed by Dreamweaver, I eventually used the Weebly tool. Do recommend it, it really is great. Alongside that, I had to get at least a tiny grip on Photoshop. Bought a thick manual and got depressed trying to use it. In the end, opted for the try-it-can-only-go-wrong method and am gradually making a little headway.

I also invested in a new lightbox plus lighting ... more about that later ... and right now I'm hastily making some pieces for my dad's 93rd birthday.

I often wished there were two of me, so I could do twice as much. That's the trouble with having a head full of ideas!

Take a look at my website if you like ...


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