cake needs coffee

I've enjoyed working in the studio this week - doors open without freezing to death, sounds of seagulls filling the air, lawn that drowned in all the rain dug up and a touch of landscaping to look forward to ... I mustn't drift off the subject!

The subject?

Well one of them this week was to fire mugs with birdie transfers to go with the bowls I finished last week. More often than not, I'm irritated when clothes have a design on just the front while nothing's happening behind. In the same way, I thought that putting one bird on just one side of the mug would NOT do. Hence I've got 3 - and in the case of the little coaltit 4 - fellows hopping around each mug.

All I need now is that coffee and cake ... 


p for patience

Potters need patience! Lots of it!! Especially during the cold and wet time of year when it can take literally AGES for newly thrown pots to dry out. And dry out they must - completely. Otherwise they explode in the kiln.

I'm not the most patient of souls - actually I was born without that particular virtue. So I practise the next best thing: distraction ... wrestling with cruel inventions like photoshop for instance ... and planning what to make next.

Thankfully I have managed to fire a kiln load or two and been experimenting with more decals of birdies which my lovely illustrator daughter produced a while ago.

I rather like them :)


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