fish out of water

That's how I've been feeling trying to get to grips with my new camera. My old compact digital had been driving me to despair because it went through batteries like there's no tomorrow. With my new model I will - fingers crossed - soon be taking rather better pictures of my stuff.

Right now though I am being driven up the wall by the operating manual. If only it was written more for morons like myself ..... I take that last comment back, of course ;)

Luckily it gave me an excuse for some nice Bank Holiday excursions here in Kent including to Dungeness which ... if you like pebbles and blot out the 2 nuclear power-stations ... is actually a great place to be.


naming baby

Some very nice friends have been celebrating the arrival of their first baby. Reason enough for me to experiment with some ceramics with baby's name as the theme. Decorations for the nursery, a little name-plate to put on the door ... that sort of thing.

I wished I could make up my mind which one I like best. I will probably give all three in the hope that I will get some candid feedback because I'm thinking of adding them to my online shop.


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