140+ m of bunting

140 metres of cloth bunting I made last year. Wasn't that enough?? 

Oh no, I've been asked to make ceramic bunting now ... 
as presents for friends with new babies. So I made my first 2 sets 
for 3 year old Eva and her baby brother Joseph. 

2 little parcels are on their way to France right now. 
Fingers crossed that their mum and dad will like them.


phew !

I just looked at http://www.creatingtrouble.co.uk/ and what did I find?? A collection of lovely crafty pieces to mark the Queen's anniversary.

Did I think of making anything ?? Nooooooo. A quick scratch of the head and search for a solution and I've come up with an idea to save the day ;). Select a couple of items previously made which thanks to my good fortune are exactly what the colour scheme requires .... So here's my salute to Her Majesty's 60 years on the throne ....

a vessel to serve up a royal cuppa

and some decs to add cheer to a somber palace


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