glaze glorious glaze ... or a recipe for disaster ?

A good glaze can make a mediocre pot look great - a bad glaze can ruin an otherwise perfect pot ... that's what my first tutor told me and his words have been ringing in my ears ever since ... Maybe that's why I get worked up when it's time to glaze my pots. Not one for an easy life though, I keep trying out new formulas from basic ingredients. What fun!!?!

I'm into books - so OBVIOUSLY I've got some on the subject.
They are a bit like a chemistry textbooks cum recipe books all in one. 

This time I opted for a cream glaze and a violet one ... I love blue you see - I think because my mum kept dressing me in blue because of my reddish-blond hair ... 

WEELLLLLL ... the cream turned out distinctly speckled
 and the violet ended up a subtle shade of green. Crazy!

The night I fired the test pieces, I dreamt - as I often do - of many a kiln disaster - including that the glazes had exploded off the pots and got plastered over the kiln walls and lid.
Nightmare springs to mind!

Luckily the kiln still looks as clean as the day I got it and the baked glazes are
beginning to grow on me. But I'm still after that violet blue!!!


  1. Well, if these are the final pieces that you got, as far as I'm concerned they look really lovely :)

    I have a real things for dotty glazes and kinda organicy ones... these look DELICIOUS! :)

  2. oooooh that's really nice of you to say. Makes me feel quite chuffed. Won't throw the mix out then ;)))

    1. What is the recipe for this glaze? It is very

  3. Well those glazes are lovely! And the shape of the mugs too. Mmmm, I could imagine enjoying a hot cuppa out of one of those!

  4. The chemist has spoken ;). There wasn't a nudge hidden in there somewhere, Ansgar ?? Thanks for dropping by!

  5. I think they look great, really organic and comforting. Definitely designed for dunking oattie biscuits in.... :)

  6. In my recent candle making experiment, I mixed orange wax with blue and it came out olive green, I think the same has happened to you. I can't be sure though as I don't know if you mean blue or violet. Violet is purple...

    the bowl is gorgeous, the glaze is PERFECT

  7. Oattie biscuits ... oh Sarah, I'm trying to be good ... now all I can think of is dunking a whole packet of them ... lol. Better go and eat a green banana ...

    Hi Wendy. Orange and blue making olive green ... that makes sense to me what with blue and yellow = green ... olive green is a lovely colour to me ... I expect it looked good on the candle. Will visit your blog to see whether whether your candles are on show.
    Isn't it funny ... I perceive a light violet as being in the blue spectrum .. the same as I feel that turquoise is a type of blue whereas lots of folks think of it as in the green family....

    Pleased you like the bowl ;)))

  8. I love the glazes....speckled glazes always make me think of Easter for some reason.... I also think the shape of the top bowl is particularly successful :)

  9. Ooh I forgot to say, I love the way you composed the pic with the mugs!

  10. You must be thinking of Easter eggs from speckled hens ;)
    I've got a book that goes on a lot about the shaping of bowls to avoid them looking heavy and dumpy. The footring is there to give the bowl a kind of 'floating' air. Seems to work ;))
    Oh the mug shot, Zan helped me make a lightbox ... the mugs are placed inside ... but then I guess you must know a lot about good compositions ... looking at the amazing shots on your blog x

  11. Lovely work, Mecki. It was great to meet you today. I have added you twice to the draw.

    Very best wishes

  12. Yes, it WAS nice meeting you and having an interesting chat ... can't get French bread, cheese and French and German bakeries out of my mind ... lol ... back to my carrots and salad and be grateful for them ;)))))

  13. These are too cute!
    and you are talented!

    P.S. Thank you so much for following!
    I'm now following you back on GFC, dear!
    Hope to see you again on my blog.
    Have a great day!

  14. Hi Mom Fashion World ... thanks for the compliment ... much appreciated ... I just love positive feedback xxx



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