phew !

I just looked at http://www.creatingtrouble.co.uk/ and what did I find?? A collection of lovely crafty pieces to mark the Queen's anniversary.

Did I think of making anything ?? Nooooooo. A quick scratch of the head and search for a solution and I've come up with an idea to save the day ;). Select a couple of items previously made which thanks to my good fortune are exactly what the colour scheme requires .... So here's my salute to Her Majesty's 60 years on the throne ....

a vessel to serve up a royal cuppa

and some decs to add cheer to a somber palace


  1. Oooh thank you for linking to my blog! I have just seen this - glad you found something suitable for the Queen's Jubilee. I have to say I haven't made anything myself for it, apart from decorating a white t-shirt with red and blue 'mosaic' bits for a themed party at work! Does that count?

    I love the little blue hearts - they would also make fabulous decorations for a tree at Christmas time (I know, way too early to be thinking Christmas yet!!)

    1. Mosaic bits are top of the list of commemorative craft items ! :)))

      Xmas hearts, pssssssssst don't let on. Actually they already made themselves useful for Easter. lol.



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