anyone for nibbles ?

Making ceramics starts with an idea ... in this case the idea to make bowls, small bowls that stack well (not to be taken for granted with individually thrown pieces). Uniformity of size plus an attractive shape are important starting criteria.

Having got that right and the pots bisque-fired, the next goal is to achieve some form of attractive surface treatment. On this occasion,
 I decided on a multi-coloured fruit theme hand-painted around the outsides of the bowls. A labour
of love - it took me TWO full afternoons to complete just seven bowls! Just as well that the weather was kind so I could work in the garden - in the company of Basti, Polly and Kipps of course :).

Opening the kiln and seeing the finished 'creations' is always a tense moment. Will I like the results? The trouble is that the final products are often very different from the initial vision. There are so many variables at play here that it's hard to be sure that the effects are as planned. Which means that quite often I have to LEARN to like what I've made. Sometimes I do - sometimes I don't. Deluding myself is not an option!

Well, enough said. Here are some more pictures of what I've been talking about. I may use the bowls for nibbles or put them on Folksy. Haven't quite decided yet ...


  1. Gorgeous! Cool design and great colours! Lovely shape, too ;)

  2. They're lovely! The design, the colours, the shape - all perfect!

  3. what lovely bowls, love the colours! :)

  4. these bowls have a sort of rustic charm about them. Really like the shapes and colours...lovely little set

  5. oh what lovely people you all are cheering me up with your nice comments. Personally, I'm suffering from a bout of intense colour overload ... need to come up with some subtle hues xxx

  6. Those are beautiful, I would buy those in a heart beat!! Love your work!

  7. Thanks Tammy!!! :))) I am very much at an experimental stage plus my own works harshest critic. So positive feedback gives me a bit of balance ;) x

  8. These are lovely! Just found your blog, having a great read, all the best, Maria

  9. Hi Maria, pleased you like them :)))
    Mecki x



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