Sculpture Courage

I first got my hands onto clay during art classes at school. One of the projects was to make a mask. I tried to model it on my dad. It ended up looking like the face of an Indian - no family likeness whatsoever. I've often been on the verge of flinging it in the bin. One day I probably will but I thought I'd show it here to illustrate a potter's sad first effort.

I much prefer the sculpture my son made at primary school. 'What is it?' I asked as he brought it home. 'A monster', was his reply. Stupid question! It also stands in my bookcase now - in a much more prominent position. Its future is secure unlike that of him above.

Today, I primarily throw on the wheel. I shy away from making sculptural pieces. Maybe because of that dismal early effort. I did have a go at a couple of raku birds.

Not my last attempt, I'm sure. I just need to pluck up new courage ;)))


  1. Aww you are too hard on yourself, your mask is great, if that was your first effort, I think it shows that clay was definitely the direction for you. Don't you dare throw it in the bin, you have probably just looked at it too often to appreciate it :)

    1. I wished, Dawn - lol. It's lead its life at the back of drawers, in the far corners of bookshelves etc. I always cringe when I see it. But I agree with you, I AM hard on myself .. and others, my family would probably moan ;)

  2. I'd have to agree with Dawn on this one!!! :)

    Love the birds!

    1. Yes, I like the birdies - but then, I'm into them: rescue abandoned fledgelings, young birds set upon by crows etc etc - you get the picture :)



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