wind + mud + valentines

The wind sounded pretty violent again last night. The birds roosting in the tree in front of my house must have thought they were on the high seas again. I felt sorry for them. I hope they will sleep a little better tonight. - Sigh.

The garden looks like a rice-field after a good dowsing. Yesterday, Kipps (my dog) took a shine to it, did a few high-speed turns and then shot in and had a mad-mood round the studio - transformed the floor into a mudscape in no time at all.  - Sigh.

On a cheerier note, I had 2 separate Folksy successes: 2 sales in 1 day - that felt rather nice - and a bowl of mine featured in Folksy's favourite finds section. I took a screenshot to capture the moment. Here it is ...

I made a macrame bracelet with a ceramic heart following a really useful tutorial on youtube. Had intended to put it on Folksy in time for Valentine's, but the weather has been too grey for decent photos. - SIGH.

Luckily I had taken shots of other recent Valentine (inspired) pieces.

Wonder which one might be your favourite(s)? 
And as I'm on the subject ... I wonder what will be MY surprise come 14 Feb ? ;)))


  1. I think about the birds too when the weather is so bad and also all the other little animals out there taking cover... they seem to come through it okay though, i guess they know good hiding spots! I also have a dog constantly bringing mud in on his paws... :/

    Well done on your Folksy successes! I love all of your recent creations but my favourite has to be your heart dish in red, white and blue - soooo pretty :) x

  2. What beautiful creations - congrats on your sales ♥

  3. wow, two sales AND in the folksy's favourite finds!!!! Well done! :) :)

    I love the heart earrings - are they for sale in your shop?

  4. Gorgeous makes it's really hard to pick a favourite but the hearts with the red designs really stand out for me.
    Ali x

  5. Well done on your sales :)
    I was in the garden yesterday, I'm surrounded by trees and the wind was so strong if I closed my eyes it sounded like waves crashing against rocks.

    Jan x

  6. These are great projects, I envy you your artistic flare :D

  7. You make such beautiful pieces, congratulations on your folksy success and lets hope the rain ends soon.

  8. Great news about Folksy! I really love the ceramic heart earrings and the bowls.

  9. Congratulations on the great Folksy news. My favourite piece is the blue bowl.



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