Feeling good on a Friday night as the weekend's round the corner, right?!!

It's Friday pm + I have another cause to cheer. Just went to Barfrestone, a tiny village near Dover where - with the generous nod from the local farmer - for the last 11 years in July, locals have turned a lovely old barn into an impressive art venue. Art lovers flock there from near + far and - by acquiring new possessions - enable the upkeep of the ancient church that's just around the corner.

What has that got to do with me?

Well, it's my 1st year of taking part + as I couldn't make it to the preview - all that wine and I wasn't there to drink it, sigh - I popped over this morning to see my work in situ + to take a few pictures.

My bowls were hanging beautifully - thanks to the care of the hanging team - and I snapped them complete with 4 telling red dots. They found their new owner last night at the preview. Shame I wasn't there to say hi.

Will console myself with a glass of fine wine ;)))


  1. funky design, can see why someone would snap these up :)

  2. Agreed! Nice they also seem to have gone as a set :-)

  3. Nice comments. Thanks you two :))

  4. julio@mail.postmanllc.net



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