meet bug

I love 'before & after' shots. Here's a bug I made of paperclay and then painted using Botz glazes.

And this is the result ...


  1. creepy ......... but cute ;)

  2. Aw, I think he looks cute, turn him over and I will rub his little tummy!

  3. no turning him over right now, that cuty's sweating at 400 degrees C, temperature rising lol

  4. Aww can't wait to see him :)

  5. Hi there,
    Just got back from my holiday and found your lovely message. Many thanks for getting me to a 100 - woohoo - lovely to hear from you. I have just joined your list and once back in the throw of things will have a scroll through and check your blog out. xx Chrissy

  6. Hi Chrissy, pleased to get your message :)! Hope you'll enjoy my blog .. it's very much work in progress as are my pottery skills, am throwing pots until the proverbial cows come home ;) to improve my technique ...

    Dawn and Maria: HE has survived the inferno but is a bit camera shy .. actually that's rubbish, it's that I'm off to Liverpool for a few days so the picture has to wait x



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