fired works

Have just been to the Fired Works Ceramics & Glass Show at Blackthorpe Barn near Bury St Edmunds (www.fireworksceramicsandglass.com).

There were about 70 artists showing some truly amazing stuff. They were all really friendly & happy to 'talk pots'. There was some yummy veggie food too & a microbrewer who'd brewed ales just for the occasion. Nice sitting down for the 'tasting' & chatting with lovely people. It was well worth the treck up from Canterbury. Will definitely go again next year!

Here are some potters whose work I particularly liked:

www.russellcoates.co.uk - Lovely painted scenes
www.interludeceramics.com - Beautifully spontaneous & uncomplicated forms
www.jenniegilbert.co.uk - Some amazing shapes with intricate detail
www.cathydarcy.com - Great contemporary use of colours
www.katefisher.co.uk - Lovely soft colours remind me of the coast
www.ikebanapots.co.uk - Very feng-shui. Tim's my Adult Ed tutor - I'm a lucky girl :)
www.carrieannefunnell.co.uk - I'm drawn to clay, but Carrie's glasswork is simply stunning

 Returned the proud owner of these little espresso cups & saucers from interlude ceramics.

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