Watching people work can send you to sleep ... bore you to death ...
or it can quite simply be mesmerising.

I got a dose of the latter a few days ago when I attended a Potter's Master Day where a well known potter dropped in for an eagerly awaited master-class.

If - like me - you hadn't heard of Svend Bayer before, he's actually quite a celebrity in pottery circles known for boldly decorated domestic ware and VERY large garden pots.

Born in 1946 in Uganda to Danish parents, Svend studied at Exeter Uni before working at well-known potteries and travelling in the Far East, Asia and the USA. He now lives and works in Devon UK. 

Svend gets VERY excited about building huge woodfiring kilns - one of his kilns turns to ash 5 tons of wood in a single firing - yet is modest about his own talents, the fact that he's renowned and respected, has exhibited widely and been described as one of the most outstanding throwers of our time.

So there he was - the reluctant Master - with his mobile potter's wheel and some hefty lumps of clay ready to show what throwing big pots is all about. Thanks to my friend Louise making sure we got to the venue early, I secured a front row seat and got my nice new camera out ...

And here's my pictorial record of a master at work and an impressive pot in the making ...

Click for slideshow.  

And boy was that thing HEAVY !!!


  1. Wow, that is one BIG pot! I'd love to have a go at throwing pots on a wheel, I must find a class!

  2. What an amazing set of pictures, you can really see how that pot grew! Really fantastic.

  3. Oh my gosh that's amazing! I am actually blown away :) the picture progress was just so cool!!

    *waves hello* from a new follower, Hazel x

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  5. Hi Wendy ... well my wheel is always willing and waiting if you're down my way :)))

    I was hoping that the pictures would tell the story - glad to read it worked for you Gem!

    Hi Hazel - thanks for following!!!! Had a look at your lovely blog. Great boots, great bump, good luck!!!!

    Mecki x

  6. You got me here Mecki! That is one amazing pot!!! Well done on the pictures too :) And here I am thinking my sewing is wonderful... But hey it's my thing! I'm glad you found me so I could see this!

    Sophie xo

  7. Great photos, love the pot!

  8. Hi Sophie. Thanks for dropping by and your nice comment ... will take a closer look at your creations :) x

    Thanks Anne, much appreciated :) x

    At my pottery class yesterday another student proudly showed a pot she is making based on Svend's technique. It hadn't even occurred to me to copy his work .. at least not yet ... I'm still at the small pot stage ... the ones best 'admired' through a magnifying glass ... lol ;)))

    Mecki x

  9. That is amazing, you know my daughter just told me like 2 days ago she wants to try the pottery wheel. I have no idea where to even take her!

  10. Hi Tammy, working on the wheel requires a certain degree of strength, so if your daughter is still quite small, it may be better to wait a little or suggest handbuilding ... it's a bit like working with dough ...
    In my part of the country there are pottery taster days, you may find them by googling for things like pottery classes, taster sessions, pottery lessons ...
    I started off by going to Adult Education. Again that's worth googling if she's in her teens or older.
    If you're still not in luck, I'd google for potters/ceramicists in your area and call a few to ask for advice.
    There probably exists a Potters Association for your part of the country. They should also be able to make some suggestions ....
    Good luck to her! I'd love to hear how she gets on :))) X

  11. Oh, just looked on your blog, your daughter's Hannah - right ? I don't think she has the necessary upper body strength quite yet ... lol. Why not take her to a shop or studio in your area where the two of you can paint a ceramic plate or some other item which then gets fired and can make such a treasured possession. Or find out about potter's studio open days to go and have a good nose around ;)) Also a lot of fun.
    ps your little girl looks lovely :) and I can see that you're her mum :) x

  12. wow amazing really. I could see I would also be mesmerized watching him work... I love pottery. I find it such an amazing trade.

  13. woah! amazing photos - it's like watching the pot magically evolve in seconds. Beautiful work too.

  14. Jejku jak to urosło. Dosłownie w oczach. Gratuluję fachu.



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