teddy's new friend

I've had him for as long as I can remember. When I was little, I stuck him in the bathtub though his straw-stuffed belly didn't thank me for it. He was my mascot at uni. In my first little red Renault 4 he proudly had the backseat all to himself. And when I moved to the UK, he came along to become as ex-pat just like myself. Now he sits on the office window cill watching me with his big brown eyes ... Teddy's been with me through thick and thin and has the scars to prove it. 

So you've got the message! I've a soft spot for teddy bears and when a little while ago a fellow crafter was raffling one of her creations, I entered the draw and couldn't believe when I won Maisie and was delighted when Sue, her maker, came to visit to deliver her and stay for an inspiring chat that made the afternoon fly by. 

While I'm fond of teddies, they are Sue's all-consuming passion. She designs them and makes them ... every little detail of them. Being hand-made, they all have their very own distinctive personality. Sue's award-winning creations sell all over the world. Looking at the lovely teds featured on her Teddybuys-Blog, I was more than a little impressed!

So now my vintage Teddy and his friends Steiff-Ted, Roller-Dog and Donkey have Maisie as their new companion. She's really rather special, beautifully made with a sweet little face, deep dark eyes, a cute nose, soft body and fully working joints. 

Maisie will be well looked after.


  1. Aww. My teddy sends a big hug from California.

  2. What a lovely collection. Maisie fits in really well!

  3. And no word from Panda, Frances? ;))))

    Yes, she does, Sue. I think Sky on your blog is lovely, too :)))


  4. what gorgeous teddys!! thank you for sharing :-) I've started following you via GFC, hope you can do the same :-)

  5. Hi Helen - thanks for getting in touch ... will be visiting your blog in a mo :)



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