biscuits and more biscuits

It is rather cruel that the first firing cycle is described as bisque or biscuit firing.
When the pieces emerge from the kiln, they really do look like biscuits. 

A mean old trick especially to sweet toothed folk like me.
Right now, I've got no shortage of these inedible teasers around. All waiting to be glazed
followed by their second and final 1200+ degrees C sauna.

One giant biscuit - I mean teapot complete with spare lid
a bamboo handle will be added in time
heart-shaped bowls intended for mother's day waiting to be biscuit fired
I've been so busy that I won't be getting them finished in time
but I think they'll be lovely for all sorts of occasions 
ceramic Easter eggs in the making - I used lace for the patterns
drying bunnies awaiting their turn in the sweat-box
some cute little buttons - easily mistaken for biscuits
Test tiles - all with different combinations of glazes and oxides
they are going to be the most  exciting part of the next glaze firing

Will be showing some of these in their finished state soon - promise :)))


  1. Now I'm hungry for biscuits! The buttons are such a great idea. The teapot is amazing - reminds me of Beauty and the Beast. "Be my guest, be my guest.." :)

  2. Oh Beauty and the Beast. One of my favourites. I can see it too, now you mention it. Especially around the spout ;)



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