From Suffolk with Love

I spent a few lovely days in East Anglia earlier this month. Never realised how expansive that part of the UK is and how loooong it takes to get around - not exactly criss-crossed with motorways! The pace of life struck me as much more relaxed than in the South East where I live.

I had my camera at the ready for the inevitable pictorial record of the kind of sights I enjoy.

Walberswick nr Southwold, Suffolk
who's camera-shy?
can you spot them?
for Zanna
3 lions
weirdo at a momentum wheel in the museum of Saffron Waldon - I don't look a bit like him, honestly!

I made two little birdies on Mother's Day when I decided to be idle from dawn to dusk. I've since Raku-fired them coated in a shimmering glaze. Heads, tails and wings were covered in wax to prevent the glaze from adhering to the clay. In the kiln the wax burnt off. The fire produced during the Raku process turned the unglazed parts black. It's the first time ever I tried my hand at making sculptures. It may not be the last ... ;))


  1. They are so cute! One with his head up on the lookout while the other pecks for food. The glaze on the wings looks so cool. I can tell you have spent some time observing these in the wild ;)

  2. Must try making doves. Get King in from the garden. He can play model ;) xxx



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