why the silence?

Oh, I do feel bad, guys, for my prolonged silence! Not that I didn't think of you, my blog and the need to feed it like a hungry beast.

So why the silence?
Weeellll ... firstly there was a lovely Christmas with my family and kids, it stretched out because they stayed well into January. Then there was a little rest period to recover from all that exertion. After that I knuckled down to build my new website. After toiling with iWeb, followed by Dreamweaver, I eventually used the Weebly tool. Do recommend it, it really is great. Alongside that, I had to get at least a tiny grip on Photoshop. Bought a thick manual and got depressed trying to use it. In the end, opted for the try-it-can-only-go-wrong method and am gradually making a little headway.

I also invested in a new lightbox plus lighting ... more about that later ... and right now I'm hastily making some pieces for my dad's 93rd birthday.

I often wished there were two of me, so I could do twice as much. That's the trouble with having a head full of ideas!

Take a look at my website if you like ...

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