spring is in the air

Well, not quite yet but I was struck by the green hue on the fields today. It certainly looked like spring. Didn't feel like it, mind you. So I made sure I didn't stick my head out of the car!

Safely returned from my 'hike' across the Continent. There wasn't any sign of the winter losing its grip. Spotted some wildlife from the house where I was staying. So I put the telephoto lens to good use.

The deer were about 200m away. At about half the distance was the hedge seen here in the foreground.
 I couldn't believe that the camera picked up all the water droplets at the end of all those twigs.


  1. They look chubbier than ours! Cute sight in the snow. Nice photos! I still don't like to see those creatures munching my flowers though ;)

  2. wow, such amazing pictures, the one with the twigs in the foreground is beautiful.

  3. thanks you two! I know it's no fun having them munching your favourite flowers but I love seeing them all the same. Yes, Fabia, I love that picture too .... off to do some photography in the new lightbox ... hope I'm not heading for frustration
    Mecki x

  4. Wow, those are lovely photos! You're so lucky to have deer in 'your' garden!

  5. Trouble is I end up 'glued to the view' ;)

    1. There are worse things to be glued to! :)

    2. Like husbands - whoops I didn't just say that, did I ?!!

  6. really like the last photo of the branches with all those droplets!!

  7. me too, Zanna, and that hedgerow was between 75 and 100 m away. The zoom 'zoomed in' on it rather than the deer beyond. But those droplets more than made up for it for me



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