because I love her

I am a softie: I make something nice ... get all excited ... show it around ... see that it appeals to someone I'm fond of ... have the idea that s/he might like to have it and once I've reached that point, I can do nothing but give it away.

The most recent example: a cup I had thrown some time ago, then left standing around for ages until I got out my Christmas present brushes (they are great, Zan! x) to paint on the glaze. Into the kiln it went. Out it came. I was chuffed.

Bisque fired cup, glaze applied #meckimadeit
Along came my lovely Fabia. Her eyes lit up. She likes it, I thought, wouldn't it be nice if it was her's.... no need to spell out the rest!

Thanks to the photos taken with the camera she also got from you know whom(!), I can at least show it here and have a visual incentive to do it all over again ;)

Should I toughen up? It may be better for business...
I don't think so!!  ;)))



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