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Kipps & Polly: We're freezing

It's been sooooo cold these last few weeks that I'm only just getting back into my workshop. I did, however, try and make good use of the time and spent H O U R S building my website, taking the first wobbly steps into the social media world and trying to make my blog more attractive.

I'm really chuffed with the changes I've made and thought I should do the decent thing and share ... assuming of course that you haven't already got there ...

How many blog posts do you have?
Do they still all get read?
Or do they - one by one - fade into obscurity?

I certainly find it downright depressing to think that blog posts go out of sight and out of mind. Which is why I'm so pleased with this cool little widget called LinkWithin  - it's nothing short of amazing.

See the 'You might also like' at the end of this post? The three pictures highlight posts in my archive. The widget selects them pretty much at random every time my blog's viewed. It happens automatically. I do nothing at all. MAGIC.

Set up is easy!

  1. Go to: http://www.linkwithin.com
  2. Enter your email address, your blog's url, your platform from the drop down menu and the number of posts you want to display
  3. Click Get Widget and copy the code.
  4. Return to your blog, go to Layout, add gadget, select HTML, type LinkWithin in the title box and copy the code to Contents. Save.

And that's it. No need to place the gadget. It doesn't show up when you view your blog. So no unwanted clutter. Hurray :-) - Hope you like it.


  1. Thanks for sharing that with us - a really cool widget!

    And your blog is looking great by the way :)

  2. thanks for that. I've got to confess, working on a blog can become slightly obsessive ....

  3. Doing great on your blog Mecki! I love the linkwithin widget too. So many fun tricks in blogging these days!

    1. Thanks Shannon ... yours is pretty good too :)

  4. Hi Mecki, I'll have to look into this widget when I've done another blog. It looks good.



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