green with envy

Well, I might be if I was the envious type which I'm not ... phew! But I must say that my sister does have some rather gorgeous ceramics. Visited her last week and couldn't help whipping my camera out yet again. Take a look to see what I mean ...

flat serving platter, slightly raised rim

square platter, slightly turned up edge

large bowl - approx. 35cm dia

even bigger bowl - around 40cm dia

I love all of these. The round bowls have holes in the rim, wire is attached, so when not in use they hang on the wall. Ever so decorative. I particularly like the speckled clay on the last picture. Must try and experiment with some myself ...


  1. they are lovely, and very decorative - good idea to hang them on the wall!

  2. Couldn't agree more. I've always loved seeing ceramics on walls. Whenever I see - say a large bowl - I turn it over to see whether it's possible to thread wires through holes. Unfortunately hardly any potters add them. Admittedly, they're tricky to get right - they can weaken the rim which can crack during firing. But hey, life would be boring without the odd challenge ;)))

  3. I especially love the last one! I have lots of ceramic bowls and dishes, and you're right, they are perfect both to serve food and decorate the kitchen...

  4. I like the last one best too, hence I showed it last ;) - although the large square one is also very striking ... was dreaming of making one myself last night ....

  5. I've always wanted to try ceramics but they would probably turn out like a kindergarten project. I'm always impressed with people who can create such beautiful things!

  6. Kindergarten projects? Oh I've got a clay 'monster' that my little boy made in Kindergarten ... or should I say my big boy when he was little ;). Has a charm all of its own ;)

  7. particularly like the last two, very gentle and natural

  8. oh wow!!! your work is amazing!!!! love these pieces!!! Happy Valentine's Day!!!!



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